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Is this possible?

Question asked by mattb on Mar 7, 2014
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Is this possible?


     FMP 12 for Mac

     I have a compiled FMP program where users create their own files from a supplied blank template, enter data, and then switch between them at will.  Currently I am using the Open File <unknown> script step which brings up FMP's version of an OSX Open File dialog box.  Only files with the USR extension are selectable, the rest are grayed out, which is fine.

     I would like this Open File dialog box to only have user-created files be selectable.  There are several USR files distributed with the program that are needed but should never be picked by users.  Right now this is possible.  Short of being able to gray out items that I would choose to be grayed out, which doesn't seem possible, I was able to develop a popup using a 3rd party plugin (Scriptmaster) that 1) returns the names of all files in a folder to a variable and 2) stuffs an edited list of file names from this variable into a popup where the user can make a selection.  The popup selection choice goes into another variable.  The only problem is that you can't use the Open File script step to open an existing file where the file name exists in a variable.  You either have to pick from the standard Open File Dialog box or you have to specify the known name of an existing file.  I don't think the Manage External Data Sources function will accept placeholder variable names either.

     I suppose I could use the Insert File script step into a container field with a variable reference to the filename, instead of using Open File, and then use the Select/Perform option of the GoTo Field script step, but that's getting too convoluted for my tastes for what I want to achieve here.  I'm just trying to do something simple that will prevent the user of opening up a file that they should never open, by accident.

     Any ideas out there?  Thanks...


     Matt Bloomfield