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Is this possible? Creating bibliographies from book inventory

Question asked by seaduck on Oct 29, 2013
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Is this possible? Creating bibliographies from book inventory


     I'm new to FM, a convert from Bento, and am wondering if a project I have in mind is do-able.  I've done some forum searching, but I suspect I don't have the right vocabulary to search on.

     Here is what I have in mind:  I have a book inventory in FM, essentially a flat file, that I am continually adding to. (Let's call that Book File for the sake of this question.)   I would like to be able to easily create a series of subfiles to Book File.  These subfiles are essentially bibliographies for various research and writing projects. (For the sake of the question, let's call one subfile "History Article" and another "Economics Chapter.")  So it is possible that a book (a record) in Book File would eventually appear in several subfiles. Or in none.  I would like to be able to simply copy ("duplicate"?) a record into a subfile.

     I would also like any changes to any of these records to appear automatically in all occurrences.  Similarly, if I invent a new layout in, say, Book File, I would like it to appear in the History Article and Economics Chapter subfiles.  Ideally, I would like to be able to add a new record from within a subfile and have it appear in the master Book File, but I would be OK if I had to enter it in Book File and then copy to a subfile.

     I assume this is possible with a find function.  But I don't want to have to 'find' the biblios for each project when I open FM -- I would like to be able to open a subfile.   And it feels like it would be really klutzy if I had to add a field representing each new subfile every time I started a new project. I have a vague (really vague) understanding of using buttons to control scripts, which I assume would be run from a Book File layout.  But over time and several projects, that could be a whole lotta buttons.

     I know this is possible in the database that is behind Adobe Lightroom, where you can create subfiles called 'collections' and you can drag photos into them.  Is there a similarly simple way of doing this in FM?