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    IsEmpty Function



      IsEmpty Function


      I'm looking for help in identifying the correct FM function or procedure that is the equivalent to the Access 2010 (NZ Function) Example; the NZ(FieldName.value,0) function evaluates FieldName for null and if true returns 0. 

      I have FM four fields that are part of a sum calculation and I'd like to test each field and provide a 0 for the calculation if the tested field IsNull.

      I'm not quite a newbie, but I've been away from FM for a while and any help is appreciated.






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          IsEmpty will return 1 if the field is empty and 0 if the field is not empty.

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            So to reverse the values, use:

            Not IsEmpty ( Table::Field )

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              IsEmpty returns a boolean value and that value can not be used in a calculation.  What I'm looking for is a function that will first verify if a field is empty and if it is then set the field value to Zero. As it stands, to accomplish what I need my FM script looks something like; If(IsEmpty(Field_A), Set Field[Testing::Field_A; 0]) for the four fields used in my sum calculation.

              Example: Sum(If(IsEmpty(Field_A), Set Field[Testing::Field_A; 0]);If(IsEmpty(Field_B), Set Field[Testing::Field_B; 0]);If(IsEmpty(Field_C), Set Field[Testing::Field_C; 0]);If(IsEmpty(Field_D), Set Field[Testing::Field_D; 0]))

              Basically I'm looking for help finding a way to write a cleaner script if that's possible.


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                IsEmpty returns a boolean value and that value can not be used in a calculation.

                That is not correct. Boolean values in Filemaker evaluate as 1 for true and 0 for False.

                I frequently include Boolean expressions in arithmetic calculations in FileMaker.