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    iSight Camera used in Filemaker ?



      iSight Camera used in Filemaker ?


      Hello, this is a second post on this topic really would appreciate a 'go-no-go' response from someone.

      I've found an iSight app that if you click the app it will launch iSight.  Doesn't this mean I can build a Script to insert a photo from the iSight camera into a Filemaker photo container ?  

      If this is possible I'll try experimenting but don't want to waste time trying if I cannot succeed.

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          Given the fact that stop light camera's work similarly, you probably could have a snapshot happen via a script. Just like when you run a red light. I think the DMV may also have something similar when you stand in the line of hundreds to take your driver license picture. Give it a shot and let us know. 

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            Don't know if you're spoofing me or not, but I'll work on it -- it's a major feature I loved in Bento that is surprisingly absent from Filemaker.  

            Considering the iMac is so prevalent in resort setting, it's very convenient to iSight snap the customers image on check-in.  Miraculously all the staff actually remember people's names (with a little reminder now and then).

            Truly a major quality improvement for any resort.

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              Assuming iSight is an application for an iPhone or iPad, you should try posting this question in the FileMaker Go forum. There are several threads there that discuss how to use the built in camera of those devices to enter a photo into a container field and the iSight app is not required to do so.

              If this is not an app for such a device, you might try describing what it does so that those of us who are unfamiliar with it can have a better chance at advising you.

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                Thank you, I am referring to the iSight camera on the iMac or Laptops.  I am not interested in using Filemaker Go to capture the images.

                I found a tiny program called iSight Capture a UNIX 45k program that initiates camera function in the iMac.  My question is whether a script can be written that will initiate this program, find the photo it creates, then import the photo into the container.  I am very new to scripts but I'm getting the impression the hours of work this will require will at least pay off and not be wasting my time, hence my inquiry.  

                IF anyone in FILEMAKER is reading this I am greatly disappointed this simple (for them) script is not included like it is in Bento.  The option to make an audio recording is only a fraction of the function for a container.  Considering such an enormous amount of Filemaker Data is based on Human Attributes I think this function is glaringly absent -- especially when you CAN do it in Bento....

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                  I haven't played with AppleScript in years as I do not own a Mac, but I suspect a fairly simple applescript could be used to interact with the camera and FileMaker can execute Apple scripts.

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                    I looked around and it seems like you should be able to use an applescript to tell Ichat to capture a snapshot.  Then you should be able to have filemaker insert the Video Snapshot.jpg on your desktop into the container field. 

                    I would also have script export the container afterward with a record based filename (like RecordID.jpg) to a folder of your choosing, then re-insert it as a reference to that file.  That way your images will all end up in a known folder with filenames that are based on the associated records.

                    Then have applescript tell Finder to delete the file from the desktop so you are ready for the next image. Otherwise Ichat will append - numbers to the name of the photo, Video Snapshot-X.jpg, which would make it hard for the script to keep track of and would clutter your desktop eventually.