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    isolating a record in a portal



      isolating a record in a portal


      I have a hundred records with titles.  Some have the exact same title.  I would like to be able to isolate a specific title say "untitled film still #54 from the title field of my portal.  How could I choose the title I would like to isolate from the record I am viewing?  Could I create field tool and a drop down list? I would then like to chart the performance of that specific title. Thanks, Feldy

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               The duplicate titles will be a problem. You can assign each record a unique identifier such as an auto-entered serial number and a value list can provide a way to select that record though other methods are also possible. Once you have selected a specific record, it's ID can be used in a relationship to match to a single related record (for a single related record, no portal is needed in most cases.)

               But if multiple records have the same title, how will you tell which one to select from the group of duplicate titles?

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                 Each one of the records do have their own unique ID, it is just that the same photo might come up for sale several times and I wanted to see if I could just isolate the 4 times etc that one piece might have come up for sale. I can do it in the layout where I enter the data, but was wondering if I could isolate for it in a portal?


                 In the primary layout and table, I can do a find and isolate them, but in a portal I can not seem to do that.  Is it possible to search for a specific title in a portal like I can in a layout?  And is it possible to set up a drop down list of titles?  I would like to see all the ones with the same title to chart them from the portal if possible.  


                 Thank you for your help.   I can see you help a lot of people in the forum. 

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                   If you are going to look at a single related record, you don't need a portal for that, you can put the fields from the related record directly on your layout. You only need a portal if you are matching your layout's record to multiple related records.

                   Yes you can set up a drop down list of titles, but note my comments on the fact that you have records with duplicate titles. The fact that they have unique ID's won't enable your user to know which record to select when the titles are identical.

                   You cannot perform a find on a portal like you would the layout. Finds search the layout's table for matching records, not the portal's table. But a scripted find can take data entered/selected by the user and display a matching list of records. By copying over their ID's into a text field used as a match field for the portal's relationship, this matching list could then be displayed in a portal. This is particularly simple to do if you are using FileMaker 13.