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    isolating import errors



      isolating import errors



       Apologies for a seeming FAQ but this is surprisingly difficult to find a solution to, but I cannot believe that there is no good answer.


      When I am importing in a script, from an ODBC data source, I am getting an error 729 -  a generic "Import error" with no ODBC error.  When I perform the import manually (in other words, interactively outside of the script) I get the same error with the usual summary of how many fields and records were skipped, etc.


      Here's my question - how can I determine which fields and values actually cause the error? I am assuming that there's some data coming in that violates either a data type's constraints (such as an invalid timestamp value) or validation rules for some field but without knowing what records to look at this is very difficult to debug.


      Any pointers or advice are welcome




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          Sorry- forgot to include the platform info

          FMPro 7 Win XP and FMPro 10 Advanced Mac both exhibit this same behavior on  .fp7 database.

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            Sounds like something that would make a nice new feature request.


            Two possibilities come to mind and neither are simple or fast.

            1. Import your data into a table where all your fields are defined as text with no validation rules, then compare this import to your earlier import to try and figure out which records were excluded. THen examine those records to see what might have caused the problem.
            2. Examine your validation rules on your fields and disable the validation for half your fields and try another import. If the import is successful, look at the fields where you disabled the validation. If the records were still excluded, look at the half where you did not disable the validation. If you have a lot of validated fields, repeat this "divide in half" strategy a few more times to narrow down possibilities to just one or a few fields.