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Isolating records that meet certain criteria

Question asked by Taylor28 on Nov 15, 2009
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Isolating records that meet certain criteria


I'm trying to isolate records in a database that tracks employees working on a project from day to day. The employees may or may not be requested back to work the next work day (by default they are and "YES" is auto-entered into a text field, if not it is changed to "NO"). The next work day will usually be "tomorrow", but on a Friday, for example, it will most likely be the following Monday.


After employees are entered into the database on any given work day, I'd like to be able to single out which employees were requested back for that date and who failed to make it back, in other words a list of "no shows".


Here are the names of some of the relevant fields:


- request_back (text field, yes or no)

- request_back_date (date field with date requested back)

- employee_name (text field)

- work_day_date (date field, auto entered from record creation date)


Would really appreciate any suggestions.


Thanks so much!




PS - Beginner, Using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced with Windows Vista.