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Issue : filemaker and long

Question asked by PradeillesThomas on Feb 17, 2015
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Issue : filemaker and long



I'm working with ip adresses. In my database, I have a set of ip block. Each ip block as an integer representation to be able to find a ip inside a block. Exemple :

    id = 1    (number)

    ip_start =     (text)

    ip_end  =  (text)

    integer_start = 3452776192  (number)

    integer_end  = 3452776703  (number)


For some reason, if i watch at my base, I see that integer start is set to "3.4528e+09" instead of 3452776192. But if I click on the field, it display the correct 3452776192. So I'm wondering if this may cause issue for finding purpose.

Also, for ipv6, integer representation will be more something like this : 58569007865278300019850917199241805823

Can filemaker handle a long value like this as number ?



For test I have made this relation (see attached pic) :

         Filter_ip has a relation >= on integer_from

         Filter_ip has a relation <= on integer_to

If I enter a filter_ip and perform a find, I can't find any related record. Not sure If I am doing it bad or if this is related to my 3.4528e+09 issue...