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Issue Importing From Text File

Question asked by dstojak2 on Aug 23, 2011
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Issue Importing From Text File


I am experiencing an issue when importing data from a text file into FileMaker.  An error occurs each time I attempt to import saying the disk is full (error 809).  The text file is a large file, a little over 1 GB.  I also noticed that the available hard drive space goes down signficantly during the import, by at least 6 GB if not more.  I've watched the hard drive space get to as low as 250 MB which leads me to believe the drive runs out of space before the import has completed.  Has anyone experienced this issue before?  Will increasing hard drive space solve the issue or could it be something else?  Are there any other options besides increasing hard drive space?

I am running the import on a local file using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced on Windows in case that is helpful.  Thank you for your help.