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    Issue in Layout Mode



      Issue in Layout Mode


       When view a table (in table view) I switch to layout mode and FM changes to the form view. I can't seem to remember how to overcome this. I want to make some changes in the table view (default vew for this table).

      I am using FMP12

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          I knowin FMP11 you always go to form view in layout mode, the fields you enter on the layout will be locked when in table view you click the modify button that replaces the edit layout button when in table view.  To add field in layout mode just add them anywhere on the screen in the body part, and they will apear in table view.

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            And you can make many changes to a table view without entering layout mode. Just click the modify button to add/remove fields and change their order.

            You can drag and resize columns just by clicking and dragging column headers or clicking and dragging the border between columns.