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Issue printing multiple labels

Question asked by RyannLiebenthal on Apr 22, 2014
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Issue printing multiple labels


     This is a slightly complex question to explain:
     I'd like to print address labels from a database file (a very, very old database file that I inherited, by the way). The database contains an existing layout for this, such that I can search a field and print labels for only the contacts that match my search criteria.
     From there, I go to print the labels, which conveniently auto-sort 8-up per page. 
     HOWEVER, my problem is that if the search returns a number of records that is not a multiple of 8, the print function will print only up to the highest multiple. In other words, if I search all records from 2013, I get 43 results; when I go to print, only the first 40 records are printed. How do I capture the final 3 so that I can make labels for them as well, preferably not 1 per page?
     Is this a software problem, or a problem with my layout?
     Thank you.