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    Issue printing multiple labels



      Issue printing multiple labels


           This is a slightly complex question to explain:
           I'd like to print address labels from a database file (a very, very old database file that I inherited, by the way). The database contains an existing layout for this, such that I can search a field and print labels for only the contacts that match my search criteria.
           From there, I go to print the labels, which conveniently auto-sort 8-up per page. 
           HOWEVER, my problem is that if the search returns a number of records that is not a multiple of 8, the print function will print only up to the highest multiple. In other words, if I search all records from 2013, I get 43 results; when I go to print, only the first 40 records are printed. How do I capture the final 3 so that I can make labels for them as well, preferably not 1 per page?
           Is this a software problem, or a problem with my layout?
           Thank you.

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               It would appear to be how the database was designed to work. You'll need to reverse engineer any scripting and calculations used to figure out why the additional "partial page" records were omitted from printing. This might be as simple as a single line in a script that omits records after the find was performed.

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                 Oof. I was worried about that. Unfortunately the original database was password-protected about 15 years ago, and the person who had the password (which no one thought to write down anywhere!) is long gone.

                 I've already created a new database to copy the first one (which was kind of fun to learn how to do, actually), so I suppose this isn't so much more to do.

                 In any event, thanks for the help!