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Issue Sending Exported PDF Files

Question asked by VincentCapone on Mar 22, 2013
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Issue Sending Exported PDF Files



     I am not sure why this is happening and it seems to be random.  We are an equipment company that sells and rents construction equipment.  I have created a quote database.  We have 9 salesman that are using Filemaker Go on the iPad / iPhone to access this database.  

     I have a script setup that when the quote is finished, they press a button and it exports it to pdf and opens their email client and they can send the quote off to their customer.  99% of the time it works perfectly, but the issue is that it is sending the wrong quote to the customer.  It seems that sometimes it will send a prior quote that the same user created recently (could be the quote (record) they made right before that, I'm not too sure).  In any case the customer gets a different customer's quote.  No matter how many times they try to resend it, that same wrong quote goes to the customer until they totally stop filemaker go from running and go back in and I even had a case where that didn't work the first time.

     Any Ideas?? 

     Thank you,