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Issue with a Portal in Portal database

Question asked by madhatt on Nov 15, 2010
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Issue with a Portal in Portal database


Hello all, I come here quite often but have never actually posted before.

I hope I have a simple problem.  I have uploaded a test database to this post to illustrate my issue.

you can get the example database HERE 

3 tables

1. Main Table

2. Portal 1

3. Portal 2

In the Main Table layout I have 1 portal record showing "Portal 1" records.  

In the Portal "Portal 1" I have a nested Portal record showing records from "Portal 2"

I have the relationships setup and can add records to Portal 1 and Portal 2 only one time.... after you do it the first time you can see that there is not more "portal in portal" records for the second portal and I have no idea why?