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    Issue with blanks on Report.



      Issue with blanks on Report.



      I have searched the Forum for the past few days and cannot find an answer to my question:

      I have a report with a Header and Body.  In the Body I have several Fields place vertically inline with each other.  For each Field, I checked the “Slide up based on”, “Only objects directly above”, “Also resize enclosing part” under the inspector.

      When I preview the Report (in Preview Mode), the fields that are blank/empty (no data) shows a blank spot.  In other words, the Fields are not sliding up.

      Also, in Preview Mode, the text next to each field does not align as it did in Browse Mode.

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          The fields that are blank/empty are referencing a record, it's just that you don't have something in the field you are sorting on in that record. If you want to check it, put a button in the sub summary part that has a GTRR script step, selecting only that record on its original layout.  It will take you to a record where the sorting field is blank. If they are correct record then do the following:

          For blanks, I assume you want to eliminate them.  When you bring up the report layout, I guess you do it thru a script.  First do a find on the field you want no blanks with the * (asterisk) symbol, then do the sort.  If this is part of multiple find/omits to get the correct records for the report, then do Constrain with the * as the find criteria. 

          For the sliding issue, things must be lined vertically and horizontally perfect to the pixel.  Make sure there are no hidden objects preventing the sliding.  This is probably part of your sliding issue.  As said earlier, the blanks are records so you wont slide past them.  The 'also resize enclosing part' is probably tripping you up with the alignment.  You may want to check each field for alignment, especially horizontally and vertically.  Sometimes when you add fields they take on default characteristics vs. the ones you formatted the way you wanted, then copied them multiple times and changed the field reference.

          If this doesn't help, maybe you can post a pic of your report in layout mode, showing all the sliding arrows.

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            Thank you much for your help.  Unfortunately I am not familiar with some of the terms you used:

            GTRR – I did confirm the fields are blank in the original record.

            I want to eliminate the blanks.  I do use a script when opening the report:

            -Enter Preview Mode

            -Go to Layout

            -Sort Records

            Not sure what you mean by “find on the field you want no blanks with the * asterisk symbol”.

            For the sliding issue, everything is lined vertically and horizontally.  I have attached the Layout and Preview.

            Again, thank you much for your help!

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              Try unchecking the 'also resize enclosing part' and double check that both columns fields TEXT are aligned the same (top, center, bottom.  I only capped 'text' to make sure you saw the destinction).  In layout mode it doesn't look like your text is lined up, that's why I said to double check.

              For the script, add this step before sort:

              Constrain Found Set

              Click 'Specify', you get a Specify Find Requests Window.  Click 'New...' button, takes you to Edit Find Request Window.  Make sure Action is set to Find Records,  'Find Records When' is set to the field you are sorting.  In the 'Criteria' box, type an asterisk.  Click Add, click you way out of all the dialogs.

              Edit:  The alignment may fix itself when you get rid of the blank record

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                Still having issues.

                I unchecked the ‘also resize enclosing part’ and confirmed all field boxes are lined up – aligned left edges / distributed vertically.  As well as the field text – aligned text to left and aligned text to top.  In fact, I removed the Text and left only the fields.  I inserted the Constrain Found Set as you suggested – sorting on the store number.  It still shows the blank field spaces.

                Thank you for your patience.

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                  If you have a test label next to a field set to slide up, the field won't slide up completely as the text object isn't sliding. At best it will slide to reduce the vertical size of the empty field to match the layout text next to it. You'd need to either use a calculation field for the label text that is empty when the data field is empty or in FileMaker 13, you can use the hide object when property to hide the label text.

                  In either case, the label text or calculation field would then need to be set to slide up and resize just like the data field.

                  Key facts about sliding layout objects:

                  1. It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
                  3. Sliding fields will shrink but not expand.
                  5. All layout objects below and in the same layout part as the slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
                  7. Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
                  9. Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
                  11. Fields will slide up only if Top alignment is specified for it and will slide left only if Left alignment is specified.
                  13. Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.
                  15. In FMP13, hidden objects (”Hide object when”) will slide/resize.
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                    Thank you much for the info, along with Steve’s help it appears to be working.

                    I did notice one of the field’s font is not changing to match the other fields.  In Layout Mode, I selected all the fields (and text), and under the Appearance Tab of the Inspector, I choose “Tahoma” font, 12 point, and under Styles “Title Case” – all change to match in Layout Mode.  However, when I go to Preview, the 1 field’s font does not change, it keeps the font/style from the record.  *I have this 1 field a larger/bold font in the records.

                    What can I do to have all fields/text to be same font/style?

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                      If you format the text in a specific field while in browse mode or paste styled text from the clipboard, that formatting will supersede any formatting you specify for the field while in layout mode.

                      A frequently used method to prevent this is to use TextformatRemove ( self ) as an auto-enter calculation with the "do not replace.." check box cleared. You can also use this function (but with the actual field name) in Replace Field Contents to strip out the formatting from existing data.

                      And if you want to retain that formatting, but not have it affect it's appearance on a specific layout, use TextFormatRemove in a calculation field with text as the result type and then use the calculation field on your layout.

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                        It worked!

                        Thank you much!!!

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                          I am wanting to insert alternative row fill to the Report for easing reading – much like a true report format.  I inserted rectangles with 2 types of fill color, sent to back, slide up, and “Hide object when” IsEmpty (“field”).  However when I review Preview Mode, this does not work.

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                            Enter Layout Mode, open Layout Setup... and clear the "delineate" check box.

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                              Thank you again for your help.  This works if all the rectangles are the same color.  Is it possible to alternate the color between the rectangles: white/grey or blue/yellow?

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                                It can be done, but the fact that you want this alternating color effect to work even when some fields are not visible complicates the process.

                                It would be far simpler to set up these rows of fields as a list of individual records in a list view, table view or portal. Then the alternating color bars are a built in feature of the layout and you don't even need to add any special layout objects with "hide" properties to make this work. Nor would you need sliding fields. Where you now have to hide a field that is empty, you simply would not have that record in your found set or set of portal records and the rows of data close up automatically.

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                                  I tried what you suggested by placing a portal in the Body with having the alternative rows a different color.  But when I go to Preview mode, nothing happens.  See attached.

                                  And again, thank you much for your help and patience