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Issue with ExecuteSQL

Question asked by thomas.colleoni on May 13, 2015
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Issue with ExecuteSQL


Hi, i have a problem with a field, part of the table "Projection", which is defined with the following calculation:

ExecuteSQL("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Projection ";"";"")

This calculation works perfectly, and gives as result the total number of records, but instead if i put

ExecuteSQL("SELECT COUNT(week) FROM Projection ";"";"")

It returns the "?" even if the syntax is correct (the field "week" exists and is part of the same table "Projection"). No way to make it work, even with the syntax \"week\"

I am very frustrated, i can't understand where is the problem.

I know that i could get the same result using Filemaker's functions instead of ExecuteSQL, but this is only the first step of a more complex calculation that involves many ExecuteSQL steps so i would like to understnd why it doesn't work


Thank you in advance