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Issue with Export order

Question asked by NoahMillard on Sep 26, 2012
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Issue with Export order


     Hi.  I have been using filemaker pro 12 for a few months and I love it.


     I have one issue that I have not been able to resolve on my own or find anything on any of the forums.

     I have created a layout specifically for exporting to csv.  There are over 50 fields in the layout and the order of the fields is essential for what I need to do.  When exporting a table to a csv format file (or any file format for that matter) in the "Specify Field Order for Export" dialog  there is no option to choose the order based on the order of the original layout.  The default is set to alphabetical and it would appear that I need to manually set the field order every time.  

     Since exporting to csv is a essential task that will need to be repeated many times, I am looking for a solution to fix this.

     Is there any way to change the default setting on this or to use a script to specify the order?

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you so much!