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    issue with FIlemaker and Google Drive



      issue with FIlemaker and Google Drive



      I've got two computers I use to update a single filemaker pro DB. I keep the DB stored on google drive. The problem is after I open the file on one computer and then close it, and then I go to open it on the other computer, the DB is missing updates made. Also, a new file gets made titled "databasename"[conflict] right next to my original DB file. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Is there an easier way to use my DB on multiple computers?

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          This is the same as trying to share a database file between two users via Drop Box.

          Your missing data or changes will be found in the second copy named with [conflict] as part of the file. Trying to share the database using this method will generate a large set of such copies over time and each one will store a different copy of your data--resulting in an unusable mass of inconsistent data.

          You need to host the file from a copy of FileMaker Pro or server over your network and then use Open Remote to both access the same database file.

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            I also found that Google Drive was slow to sync (if it did).  Switching to DropBox did alleviate that.  But I am just storing my recipe database between two different Mac laptops I use.  I would definitely follow Phil's advice on this.