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Issue with Find Date when date feild is a calculation

Question asked by NonProfitEducationUser on May 7, 2014
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Issue with Find Date when date feild is a calculation




     I have a StartDate field and an EndDate field which are both calculation feilds with the result set as type date. (These two fields are grabbing the min date and the max date from a portal of related records of group session meetings; both of those are also set as type date).


     Now I'm trying to set up a script that would find all the EndDates within a particular range (for example; how many groups had end dates in October 2013). I have done enough troubleshooting that I know the issue is within the "Find date" step. Even when I am on the master list of programs, and do a basic find for end dates on a particular day, or in a range, it tells me there are no records that match my criteria; or gives me total wrong results.

     I have been reading through some of the other posts, and I'm afraid this means that a lot of my data is corrupt. (I was reading one suggestion about turning off indexing, but in the StartDate and EndDate fields, I can't uncheck the box under "indexing". I have also checked all the related feild types to make sure they are date types and the calculation results are date types).

     I wanted to see if there were any more suggestions about what I may be doing before I look at how to recover all the corrupt data. (If it is a corrupt file, where can I find instructions on how to deal with that?)


     Thanks in advance for your help,