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Issue with Installing a Runtime on Windows 8.

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Jun 21, 2015
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Issue with Installing a Runtime on Windows 8.


I use Advanced Installer (latest update), to create an installation For Windows 8 of a Runtime Solution. If I allow the installation to install in the default folder “Program Files (x86)”, the installation is performed OK; However, when installed, by design it has all containers with “actual” files embed, and when the solution first run's, it suppose to copy all container content to a specified folder, and convert all containers to reference.

The problem is that when the runtime is opened it gives the a popup with: “Action cannot be performed because the file is not modifiable”, it is trying to transfer the container content to a folder, and insert the reference to the content in the container, after dismissing the popup, all container still have the content embed, and cannot edit any fields.

However, if I create a folder in the C: Drive, and install to this folder, then there is no problem. So it seems that installing to the default folder is blocking FM Runtime from being modified in any way what so ever. Have observed this for years. Is this the way it suppose ti be ?

It is annoying to have to tell people to create  a folder in the C: Drive and install the runtime to this folder.