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Issue With Instant Web Publishing and Sharing

Question asked by TylerHenry on May 7, 2012
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Issue With Instant Web Publishing and Sharing


I just started using Filemaker Pro earlier today so I am still very new with the software and I'm sure this is a pretty basic question. I created a database that I am ready to put on the web and share with a few people here at work.

When I go to instant web publishing the web/IP address that it gives me is the IP for my machine (and it changes whether I'm connected via ethernet or wireless). Reguardless of which it is, when I type that into the web browser I am able to access my database. However, no one else here at work is able to access it. I made sure that all users have access to the file and have tested it on several people's computers and they can't pull up the database.

Any ideas?