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    Issue with large Excel files



      Issue with large Excel files


      I am deciding whether to purchase Filemaker Pro, and would like help with my situation--

      I have 5 excel files, each with 65,000 records.

      Q:  Is it possible to combine all 300,000 records into one massive Filemaker pro file?

      I need to continually pull data from one large file.

      Thank you savvy forum responder!


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          filemaker fields can hold 64000 characters each

          I am pretty sure you can import them all into FMP without any hitch. Have you imported records to FMP for use before?

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            Yes, you can put millions of records into one FileMaker file. With very large numbers of records, however, care is sometimes necessary not to bog your system down with inefficient sorts and finds. Things you can get away with when you have a few thousand records may now take many times longer to do.

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              Very good point Phil...

              Important Things To Think about here:

              Optimizing your database wherever possible (the larger it is the slower it will be)

              If you have some layouts with several portals for instance you may want to think about a way to lessen how much data you are pulling through each layout, use what is needed and don't go overboard.

              Last but not least, in some cases you may even be better off to go with a data seperation model for your overall database design. When you have a huge database, sometimes the data seperation model will ensure data security, integrity, and make things flow a little smoother. However, if you are not familiar with a data seperation model you may not want to tackle that. (Excellent article on this subject at ISO Magazine)