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Issue with portals in Starter Solution: Invoices

Question asked by FranciscoS on Jul 13, 2012
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Issue with portals in Starter Solution: Invoices


Hi y'all,

My company uses a slightly modified version of the "Invoice Details" layout that is within the Invoices Starter Solution. The current issue I have been assigned to correct is regarding the use of portals in that invoice. Though I am a novice, I will do my best to describe my situation.

The practice (since before I came to the company) has been to just fill out the rows of the portal with a description of the item being purchased and the price. The only two fields from records that the portal shows are "Item" and "Unit Price". Both of these fields are filled out manually. The issues we are facing are regarding printing:
- Sometimes the information in "Item" gets cut off during printing, as these tend to be rather verbose and wordy descriptions (for clarity with customers)
- More often than not, we have more than 10 records that need to be shown within the portal, meaning that some information gets cut off and we need to make another invoice entirely, just for 2 or 3 items.


1) ITEM 1, ITEM 2, ITEM 3 WITH ACCESSORY     |   $129.00


What alternatives are there to using portals? What do you all suggest?

We just need an area that has the Item's name and the Price (ideally, all of these values would continued to be tallied up in the "Discount", "Subtotal", etc., fields). My familiarity with FMP is so limited that I have almost no idea of what else I can do, other than creating a whole bunch of fields!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and help!