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Issue with Searches in text fields not working

Question asked by ColinWoytowich on Apr 16, 2013
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Issue with Searches in text fields not working



     We have a database of courses currently being taken by each student.  These are in a single text field for each student, with one course per line (ending with a return).  For example:


     English 10
     Spanish 10
     Social Studies 10
     Science 10
     Pre-Calculus 11
     French 10
     Physical Education 10 Outdoor Education
     Information Technology (11b) 10
     Planning 10

     I wish to tabulate the number of students taking a specific course.  For example, all students in French 10.


     So I set up a script to search for:


     French 10


     This search differentiated "French 10" from "French 10 (enriched)" and from "IB French 10".  This worked fine under previous versions of Filemaker up to and including 11.  Under Filemaker 12 this fails.  

     Is there any way to accomplish this with Filemaker 12?

     Thanks in advance,