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Issue with sending SMTP email in script.

Question asked by JmMahon on May 21, 2011


Issue with sending SMTP email in script.


Hi I have an issue that I hope someone can help with. I have looked at all the articles around SMTP and don't see the same issue. I suspect I may be running against some limit but can't be sure. I have a billing database that looks for individuals that have requested to recieve a PDF statement via e-mail. The process finds all accounts and then in a loop creates a PDF and sends as an attachement via the SMTP background option. The process does have a 5 second pause to slow it down a bit but the problem I have is it's very inconcistnet - Sometimes I get through 50 or so then I start getting an error (1501) for every record after that. After the process is done the look at the error report that gets produced and if there are any errors the rerun the process - sometimes they run this process 4 times and each time they get less errors but eventualy they all end up going?? Do you think this is some type of limit issue with my ISP provider? I have tried this process with more than one email provider but continue to get the same errors. In most cases I'm sending less than 300 emails total - Some individuals have their statement sent to two email address so I'm sure that adds to the total number of emails but it's not huge volumes. In the rerun process if I have say 25 left to send the loop process sends maybe 19 and still leaves 6 with errors - then I rerun the process with the 6 and they all go. Any feedback you may have would be appreciated!!