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    Issue with sorting contacts



      Issue with sorting contacts



      I was in the middle of editing my layout (which is all built off a template) and I have no idea what I did, but now instead of sorting my contacts alphabetically by last name and showing the first letter at the top, it just shows a "?" instead.. It still sorts them, just doesnt show the letter on top.

      Any idea what to do to resolve that? 


      PS. I have never touched that part of the layout before, it was part of the template, so I really have no clue why it happened..


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          WHICH template did you start from?

          Enter layout mode instead of browse mode and capture the screen shot of this layout again. Please post that screen shot so that we can see more of how the layout is currently designed.

          A question mark only means that the field in question cannot display a value. It could be that the field is too narrow to display a value, but it could also mean that a calculation is producing an invalid result such as dividing by zero.

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            here is a screenshot in layout mode.

            i am curently usimg a contacts template within the "Business - People & Assets" section.

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              Looks like FileMaker 12 (It came out with all new templates so the version is also important.)

              From the color, it looks like the question mark is coming from the "sort List Key" field.

              check your sort order by selecting "sort" from the Records menu.

              The darker blue region with <<initial>> is a sub summary part "when sorted by Initial". The ligher blue is a sub summary "when sorted by" sort list key. Neither sub summary part will be visible unless your current sort order includes the specified field in the sort order.

              Sort List Key is showing a question mark because there is no valid value in the Sort Selection field. (See drop down at top of layout.) The value Sort Selection must be the exact name of another field in the Contacts table so Sort List Key can use that field name to display a value from that field.