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Issue with summary fields for found set

Question asked by samxli on Nov 18, 2008
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Issue with summary fields for found set


I have a layout that shows the the enrollment information and also marital status of active members in my club.


(The marital status is stored within a "Members" table and the field "marital_status" contains 1 if the member is married, 0 if single.)


Usually, this layout is used with a script that is executed to perform a find of all active members in a given year.


I would like it so that it can sum the total number of married members within the found set. My approach is to have a summary field in the footer that will add up the 1's.


The problem I am running to is that I am not sure how to implement this summary field. The Layout Setup is set so that the layout is showing records from a table called "EnrollmendData". Each row pulls the marital status field from the related table: "Members".


When trying to create a summary field. It does not allow me to sum from outside tables. But I need to do this since the marital data is pulled from "Members".


What should I do to implement this summary field?