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Issue With Switching Between Printers

Question asked by mgxdigital on Oct 18, 2012
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Issue With Switching Between Printers



     I have 2 printers: a regular Brother printer and a Zebra desktop label printer.

     Most of my layouts in Filemaker would be printed on the Brother, but i have a few label layouts that i need to print on the Zebra. We recently upgraded the computer with the Zebra printer to a Windows 7 computer and now Filemaker is not switching between the printers correctly.

     If i choose my label layout, the print margins are set to the label size of 3x4. I choose print setup - change to the Zebra printer with the label size and hit print. The label prints out perfectly on the Zebra printer.

     But now, if I go to any of my normal layouts (which in layout mode i can see the print margins are set correct to an 8x10 letter size)- choose print setup - change to Brorther- the page will print on the borther, but it will only print half way across the page. It only prints 4x10. Like it keeps the width from the label labout but accepts the length change. Even when i'm finished printing and check the print margins again on the layout, they are perfect.

     This only happens on the letter size layouts printing on the Brother and never on the Zebra- the label layouts always print perfectly.

     The only way that i've been able to get this to stop happening is to go to my normal letter size layout - choose print setup - change to Zebra and click ok - then choose print setup again and change to Brother. I feel like i have to trick it or something.

     Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any suggestions on how to fix this?

     Thank you for your help.