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Issue with unstored calc

Question asked by TylerNelson on Oct 21, 2014
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Issue with unstored calc


I have a "Class Manager" database that manages Students enrolled in Classes and tracks their Payments through a join table between Students and Classes called ClassDetail. Here's the way it was set up:

A field is set in the ClassDetail table when a Student is enrolled in a Class called "ClassID_StudentID", which is the serial ClassID concatenated with serial StudentID. This is basically an "enrollment record". Payment records are created in the context of ClassDetail through a portal from ClassDetail to Payments (creating records through the relationship, where ClassID_StudentID equals ClassID_StudentID). So creating a related payment record sets the ClassID_StudentID field in the Payments table with the appropriate value.


In the Payments table there is a ClassID field, which is an unstored calc set to display the ClassID from the context of Payments through a relationship from Payments to ClassDetail where ClassID_StudentID equals ClassID_StudentID.

But this ClassID (unstored calc) field does not update when the ClassID_StudentID field is set from the context of ClassDetail through a portal to Payments. This ClassID (unstored calc) field only seems to validate after the solution is closed and opened again. But the user needs the ClassID field to display on a list view layout based on the Payments table and doesn't want to have to close the solution as a workaround.

I suppose I could add a text field to Payments and try to simply set it via script trigger with a hard coded ClassID and change layouts to display this test field. But I'm wondering if there isn't some better solution. Is there a way to force the calculation to refresh or validate somehow?