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Issue with Value Look-Up Lists with Second Field

Question asked by JoelMG on Oct 25, 2011
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Issue with Value Look-Up Lists with Second Field


Here is a weird one that got me into trouble.  If anyone has an explanation, it would help in the future.

I set up a pop-up text field in a layout from which the user selects from a value list of two fields (School Name and School ID) from a related table.  Someone had mistakenly duplicated a school record, so that there were now two records in the related table with the same School Name but two different School IDs (autoentered, serial).  The Value List only showed one School Name and one of the IDs and ignored the other.  That was a small glitch that really didn't matter much to me.

However, when the user selected in the pop-up list a school below (alphabetically) this school, the School Name shown upon mouse release was the selected one but the School ID was now off-register by one record.  The School ID directly below the problem school actually listed the second School ID of the problem school, and every school afterwards had an ID coresponding to the school above it. 

I am surprised that the Value List did not list both records, with the duplicated School Name and the two School IDs.  That would correspond to the records upon which the value list was based.  Is there any way of avoiding this problem if the user inadvertantly duplicates a record again?  If not, I should eliminate this Value List to avoid problems in the future.  I tried Validation options, but that didn't help.


Joel Goodman