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Issue with: Behaviour>Hide Objects When

Question asked by art_l on Aug 27, 2014
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Issue with: Behaviour>Hide Objects When


      Here is the situation:

     3 Radio Buttons under "SelectSchoolType"

     Standard      Public        Separate

     My code in the Inspector Behaviour box is:

     Location::SelectSchoolType= "XXX"

     XXX = either Public or Separate, if Public was selected, then XXX would equal "Speparte", for this example

     I have _$$Container1 and _$$Container2 that have "Check Marks" graphics in them. 

     I have two tables that populate with information that relates to either Public or Separate or BOTH, that populate a report.

     I need for the report to show the check mark above the table that relates to either PUBLIC or SEPARATE, only, when selected.

     If Standard is selected, no Check marks.

     I made "Container" a Global field with one value for all records to hold the check marks, that isn't working....

     Any assistance/guidance greatly appreciated. 


     1) Properly settting up _$$Container1 and 2 to hold the Check Mark graphic for all records

     2) What I am doing wrong with coding to get the Check Mark to show properly