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    issues creating record?editing layout



      issues creating record?editing layout


           i have a data base that a guy on here helped me create, i made the layout how i wanted but for some reason when i create a new record and go to add a folder(if you download the file you will see what i mean) it will not add it...now i need the customer/foler/art info to all be linked but since i cant create a folder nothing works....also he created a last accessed layout(which i want) but it doesnt seem to be working properly and im still not understanding the stuff seen in image...thats from the last access layout.


           BTW this is fmp12


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               Not at a computer at the moment. How are you trying to "create a folder"?

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                 heres an image of my database

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                   Can't seem to be able to download the file. If you use Dropbox you could put it in your public folder and then just copy the public link and paste it here.

                   What you seem to have is one table with three related tables.

                   Are you sure that in the relationship settings between the first table and the Folders table you have the "allow creation of records via this relationship" option checked on the folders side?


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                     let me check that but heres the link


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                       a guy on here helped me make it but it also seems to confusing at the same time wish everything was a little more simple

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                         Hey Randy, I downloaded your file.

                         Yeah, it doesn't work indeed. And it all looks a little funky.

                         It looks like you are trying to make something like this:


                         Maybe have a look at the video to see if that helps you.

                         I think my way makes it a little easier.

                         The first problem in your file is that you are not setting the Customer FK properly when you select it in your Customers_all portal.
                         The Conditional Formatting highlight was also not being set correctly.

                         I made some changes to your file but that of course doesn't teach you anything. Therefore I suggest you watch my video to learn how it's done.

                         It's true that your file does look quite complicated for what it is, this can be done in a simpler way.


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                           ok so another question did you see the access dates layout???? i am wanting to create a report every so often to see when stuff was last accessed and im confused with the layout that he has....i think on my last post you commented on you youtube post and i watched part of it but got busy at work so im trying to get this up and running from home until i get it all perfected for work

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                             The "accessing of stuff" is now set when you click the document in the portal.

                             A script "Show Document" is then performed that set's the last accessed date. (Note: date, not timestamp)

                             I tested this and this appears to be working.

                             This does get set in a related table. Which creates a log.

                             I don't really like the fact that you are using new windows. You should try and stay in the same window as much as possible.

                             I don't know what you would like this layout to look like but I'm assuming you will want to turn this into a list view with some fields from related tables like Customers, Folders and Documents.

                             And then you'll want to add some global search fields so you can look up date ranges etc. And maybe some subsummary parts to group by date.

                             In order to learn all of that I suggest you start looking at video's like the ones I have on my youtube channel:


                             I made a few tiny changes to your file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18099008/Demo_Files_FMP12/Randy%20Barnes/Art%20Database.fmp12

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                               thank you so so very much im still trying to get the hang of thins on filemaker...im so used to access but i wanted to get away from that

                               again thank you very much

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                            So how can I compress the images as I enter them into the database.... Right now it's only reducing the image size and I would like to compress them since I will have so many images... I just need the steps Cuz I have already gotten the database going
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                                   I'm Sorry, what is the problem?

                                   Are you saying that your database filesize is becoming to large because you are inserting a lot of pictures?
                                   By the way, filemaker doesn't really reduce the image size. The image stays exactly the same. Maybe if your container field is small it only displays a smaller size image. But it stil stores the entire thing.

                                   You can choose to
                                   - Either import the image into the database. That's handy because all is stored inside the filemaker database and you can always export images again. The down side is that your filemaker file becomes large.

                                   - Either store the images as a reference. That way your filemaker file stays small. But if you move your images to another location the link will be broken, filemaker won't be able to see them anymore.

                                   So your choice.

                                   I hope this helps because I'm not entirely sure what the actual problem is.

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                                Ok that's what I thought after poking around in the program trying different things... And I do want to store the original image... I just might have to take a hard drive from home and put it in the pc at work
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                                  I'm rereading your comments Da Saint and how you were saying g you don't like how I'm opening new windows... The ING is where I work it's a big screen printing business and all our art is currently in an access database... But my problem is I wanted to create a database where it's all arranged by customer then rich customer gas multiple files/folders and in said files is multiple pieces of art. Yo see how I gave t kaif out and I like the way it us but if you gave advice to make it better I'm all ears. If you do just kinda walk me through it or create a umm how should I say this a blank/partially done database so I can learn it better.. I also learn better by solving things like that....is there like exercise Giles that I could dive into to give me more knowledge on thus program... My problem is the videos sometimes go to quick to keep up . thanks again DaSaint... Your a lifesaver
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                                         Hey Randy,

                                         If you want to learn filemaker you better start looking at those video's. They are the best way to learn because you see someone doing it and hear them explaining it.

                                         I made a quick little demo file for you to try out and look at:


                                         It's just very simple but if you pick it apart I'm sure you will be able to see how it works.

                                         I think it's all a little simpler than your file.

                                         In this example, on the customer layout you can also add a portal that shows all of the folder that a customer has. And then a button that takes you to the artwork layout and shows you the artwork in that folder etc.

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