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    Issues importing data from Excel



      Issues importing data from Excel


      I'm trying to import Excel sheets into a new FileMaker database (FileMaker Pro 9, Mac OS X 10.6).  I'm getting the message attached below.  The document was originally made in OpenOffice and I've tried versions in xml and xls; I can't get anything to work.  I'm sure there's a simple solution to this, since I'm new to the program.  Should I have records already made?  My database only has one table in it, and the info should just line up from the Excel doc (title to title, performer to performer, each line a new record).

      Any help is greatly appreciated! 


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          Hmm, this is just a guess, but if you have a copy of Excel, try opening the file in Excel, and either make a trivial change and save or use save as to save a copy of the file. Then see if the file imports correctly (Importing from the copy if you made one). Open Office might introduce some minor difference in the file that Excel can handle but that trips up your import into FileMaker.