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Issues opening remote FP7 file from FMPro13

Question asked by SimonCasagrande on Dec 9, 2013
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Issues opening remote FP7 file from FMPro13


     I am running a remote FP7 file on my host server and my business currently has about 6 versions of FMPro11 connecting to it without issues.

     Today I purchased FMPro13 for a new employee and put it on their machine, and having issues connecting to the remote FP7 file now.  I have forwarded port 5003 to the server and manually typed out the network path, both without success.  All FMPro11 machines can see it without issue.

     If I was to assume what the issue is I would say it's that FMPro13 isn't backward compatible with FP7 files hosted remotely which is a massive issue for me as I obviously won't be able to load the upgraded FP12 file remotely from the FMPro11 machines? 

     It just seems weird that this isn't able to work unless I am doing something wrong?