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    Issues when attempting to create new relationship



      Issues when attempting to create new relationship


      I’m trying to create a relationship between the primary docKey on table TABLE1 to table TABLE2, in the same way that I’ve created a relationship between TABLE0 and TABLE2, and the same way that I created a relationship between TABLE0 and TABLE3 as well as TABLE1 and TABLE3.  Every time I try to create the relationship between TABLE1::docKey and TABLE2::other_docKey, Filemaker wants to create a new table instance… I didn’t have to do this when I set up the relationships between TABLE0 and TABLE3…  Essentially, I currently have my relationships as follows

      TABLE0::docKey = TABLE3::this_docKey
      TABLE1::docKey = TABLE3::that_docKey
      TABLE0::docKey = TABLE2::this_docKey
      When I try to create:
      TABLE1:docKey = TABLE2:that_docKey Filemaker tries to insert a new table occurrence, and I cannot understand why... TABLE3 allowed it just fine.

      Am I making sense here?

      Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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          You need that additional "instance"--what is more commonly called a Table Occurrence and that's the name that appears in FileMaker 13 when this happens.

          FileMaker frequently needs to evaluate entire chains of relationships in order to determine what data to access for display on a layout or in order to execute a particular script step. Thus it can't have 2 different "paths" through the same set of table occurrence boxes. That added "instance" allows you to link to a table that would otherwise create a "loop" in your relationship graph with two different ways to evaluate the same set of relationships. (But you often have to say "no" to this message as FileMaker may have guessed wrong as to which of two tables needs the new occurrence.)

          Some suggested resources for dealing with this issue:

          Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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