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Issues while importing a .csv file

Question asked by pratyk on Sep 29, 2009
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Issues while importing a .csv file




I have a .csv import being generated everyday which has "" as text qualifier and a comma as the delimiter. Now, there are some fields in the records that are essay type responses. The total number of fields in a record is about 150. Now, since they are essay type questions, it often happens that people use " xxx, qqqq" in the responses .. 


however, this creates a problem. say the response in the exported file field comes across as  (start of field) " text text "xxx, qqq" some more text " (end of field)


When FileMaker imports this record, It starts at the first double quote (the qualifier) and reaches "xxx where it thinks that the response ends and everything following the comma i.e. qqq some more text, is pushed down to the next field. So in essence it pushes down things by 1 record (for 1 comma) .. 


Is there a way to solve this problem besides using a delimiter like ~ or ^ ?