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Issues with Custom Menus

Question asked by NaturSalus on Apr 23, 2012
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Issues with Custom Menus




Since FM 12 is out, I should mention that my question is related to FM 11 Pro Advanced.

In my current project I have some custom tailored menus each of which is attached to a button and displayed when the user clicks the button.


Each button has an underlying and hidden field that shows the content of a value list.

When the user clicks the button, the content of the value list is displayed and the user can make a selection that is stored in the underlying and hidden global field. The underlying hidden global field OnObjectModify triggers a script that determines the user choice and carries out the appropriate action.

In addition to the buttons: Navigation, Records and Print I have two other fields that triggered different action OnObjectModify:


Quick Find


I am having two types of problems:

First when I click, let us say in the Records button it lists all the actions attached to it, and after the user selects one it gets white, I am attaching a picture. The only way to get rid of the white button (underlyin field showing up) is to click somewhere else in the layout.

Is this an expected behavior?

How can I prevent the transition from Records button --> Records Actions List --> White button, so that after clicking the Records button the user gets the expected: Records button --> Records Actions List --> Records button?


The second problem that I am having is that when making a selection from any button (Navigation, Records, Print) the contents of the View field are shown up. It is as if the user where simultaneously clicking the Records button and inside the View field. 

I wrongly thought that this behavior was related to the DPI display size settings but it is not.

How can I prevent this simultaneous activation of two quite distant fields?