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Issues with date range filter

Question asked by scottlynch on Jul 30, 2015
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Issues with date range filter


Im struggling to filter the correct number of records between two dates.

An example, 
In my Time Off portal I enter employee leave as below;
Type.                  Start Date.       End Date.        Duration
Paid Leave.        1/7/15.             3/7/15.             3 Days
In my Time Off layout (List View) If I filter the range of dates to show leave records in the range of 1/7/15 - 2/7/15 it returns no results , when I would like it to show two dates the 1st and 2nd July 2015
If I enter the leave dates into the portal individually i.e. 
1/7/15 - 1 day
2/7/15 - 1 day 
3/7/15 - 1 day
Then it filters as expected. 
So I guess what I'm asking is how do i configure the filter to show the correct leave records between two date ranges without having to enter the leave records individually?
Many thanks