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Issues with Filemaker 14 Pro Adv 64bit

Question asked by Davesmind on Aug 20, 2015
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Issues with Filemaker 14 Pro Adv 64bit


I have come across a few issues that seem to happen in Filemaker 14 that i did not experience in Filemaker 13. I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 64bit on a Windows 8.1 64bit machine. I was using Filemaker 13 32bit on this same machine.

Layout drop down on the Status Tool Bar - On many occasion I have had this drop down stop working. The last error to occur only had about 20 layouts total. The drop down seems to acknowledge a mouse click, but nothing but the current layout title is displayed. I have switched between different databases and the error is across all of them. The only way to restore the drop down to functionality is to close the entire application. This error never occurred at any time with version 13.

Import Records - ODBC (Calculated SQL Text) - When you enter any data into the Calculated SQL Text and save it, you are returned to the "Specify ODBC SQL Query" dialog. Anything entered into the Calculated SQL text will show and overlap the unselected SQL text area. It is an obvious error as the text is half on the screen and half within the text box with some of the text being a black font color and the text within the box displaying light gray. I can provide a picture of this error if necessary.

Random hangups - This is strange behavior that happens when transitioning between layout mode and browse mode. I have had the database just hang and show a spinning circle. At first i thought that there was something occuring on the layout, but i have had this same issue when switching on simple and brand new layouts. This does not occur often, but it can take a few minutes for Filemaker to come back. The application does not crash, but it is unresponsive during this period and the system reports no processor activity during the hang up. This has while virus scan software was running and not running.

Script Workspace #1- I have three issues with this new aspect of Filemaker 14. The first is more of a programming annoyance then an error. This happens when wading through a larger amount of script and you add a new line within the middle of the script. When you go to save the script the Script Workspace then moves the entire window of script up or down depending on where you are in the script. Many a time i have to re-lookup the position i was at and it really slows down your progress in a large batch of scripts. I can provide a video of this effect. Basically the script should not move at all. Visual Basic is a really good example to follow on keeping the script in position.

Script Workspace #2 - This is similar to the prior annoyance, yet has to do with adding new lines to the bottom of the workspace. If you are at the limit of the current window size, adding any new line moves the entire window position within the script. In some cases it covers up the script i just entered. I think a better position would be to keep the current worked on script always at the center of the window and not the bottom. The constant movement is annoying an causes you to slow down data entry repositioning the window. I can provide a video of this effect.

Script Workspace #3 - The ability to move lines of code to other areas of the workspace by clicking. For what ever reason I have found that in many situations i am able to switch code around when i do not want to by clicking on different areas of my script. In most cases i am just trying to click on a different part of my script, but find the system is not done and then switches the code around. This is very annoying as sometimes you have to read all of your script to be aware of what you just moved (Undo is not available yet and would fix the issue quickly). Other times it is as easy as not saving the changes, but if you are walking though a long list of scripting you can move lines without wanting to and now you have to track down the unwanted change. I really don't see the need for this feature or why it cannot be disabled. At no point did i ever say to my self i wish i could click one line and randomly transport it to different spots in my code. It is a very frustrating effect. Just leave the simple hold shift/ctrl and select a line of code, copy and past or cut and past. It works flawlessly and without randomly dropping my set variable somewhere else with the script and now i have to track down the line i am missing.

Again FM 14 is a great improvement and a lot of the new features and behaviors are welcome. Aside from the errors some of the new behaviors are not always welcome and take time to get used to. The annoyances above are things that just occur so often that it throws off my programming flow. I hope this is taken as more feedback then complaining as i want Filemaker to improve with each iteration and the programmers need to know when something happens or disrupts the end programmer. The Script Workspace is a huge improvement, but still needs some ironing.

Thanks for viewing my post.