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Issues with Image Container

Question asked by RobertGrant_1 on Mar 12, 2014


Issues with Image Container


     On my product details page I have an image placeholder/container for a single product image. The data formatting for the container is "image" with the Format "Reduce image to fit". I have "Maintain original proportions" checked. When I drag in a typical .jpg of about size 400 x 600 pixels, this should fit quite nicely inside the container which has an an initial autosize of approximately 500 x 700 pixels. Some images at 400 x 600 pixels, however, will appear very small in the container, as if they have been reduced for some unknown reason when they should be able to nearly fill the container. To try and solve the problem I have tried exporting the problematic .jpg's at different dpi's, 75 and 300 but with still the same result. However, if I copy the image, create a new image and paste the copy into it, if I export this as a .jpg, the .jpg will show at the correct size in the container. The newly created image and the original are identical so I don't understand why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated as it is a pain having to copy and paste and export new .jpg's when dragging them in is so easy. As I said, it happens with about half of the .jpg's.