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Issues with multiple file solution working remotely

Question asked by fkby on Mar 13, 2015
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Issues with multiple file solution working remotely


I'm a newbie to FM database development so patience please :). I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I have a solution (Boatyard management) that consists of several FM databases - customers, boats, work orders, employees, etc. Initially, I went with the multiple files since I could enter data and track projects while at the same time continue to add more features without risking the sections that were actively being used.  It's a small company and I do a lot of multitasking.  Everything is working fairly well, but now we want to access the solution from multiple locations. On the "server", I open all the files locally.  I  do this with an "open" with the hidden option selected but they still all appear so that's problem 1.  From the remote location, I do an open remote on the primary file that has buttons that each remotely open the other files when needed. I'm thinking that the open remote file should do a remote open on every file possibly needed by the remote user.  Nothing has crashed yet, but I'm just waiting for it to happen. Do I need to change every reference to other files to an open remote i.e. open related record?  How does that affect the local copy?  Have I created problems?  Should I step back and integrate all the pieces into one file?