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Issues with Opening Shared Database

Question asked by JustineQuevedo on Jul 9, 2012
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Issues with Opening Shared Database


I am on Windows XP and I am the "host" for the database file.

Some how 2 weeks back I was able to get the database open on another computer on the network, WHILE I had it open on my computer (as the host). The file being opened on that computer is through the FMNET file network path.

I am now wanting to get another computer to be able to open the file as well (as the 3rd computer) but for some reason I cannot get it to find the file on the FMNET network. The network at my work is all set up and the computers I am working with we have no issues with any other communications.

How do I get this file open on the 3rd computer? We are using the trial version and I am trying to get my boss to buy full version but he only will if he can see what this program can do (and the database I created). Please help! I am running out of time on my trial...