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    Issues with Opening Shared Database



      Issues with Opening Shared Database


      I am on Windows XP and I am the "host" for the database file.

      Some how 2 weeks back I was able to get the database open on another computer on the network, WHILE I had it open on my computer (as the host). The file being opened on that computer is through the FMNET file network path.

      I am now wanting to get another computer to be able to open the file as well (as the 3rd computer) but for some reason I cannot get it to find the file on the FMNET network. The network at my work is all set up and the computers I am working with we have no issues with any other communications.

      How do I get this file open on the 3rd computer? We are using the trial version and I am trying to get my boss to buy full version but he only will if he can see what this program can do (and the database I created). Please help! I am running out of time on my trial...

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          What are the exact steps you are taking to access the file?

          On the computer where the file is stored (called the Host Computer), launch fileMaker and opoen the file. If you then go to one of the other computers (called a client computer) with FileMaker installed, can you launch fileMaker, Select Open Remote... from the file menu or by clicking a button labeled "remote" and see the name of the first computer in the dialog that pops up. If you click on that computer's name, do you see your file's name appear?

          On the Host computer, use Filemaker | Sharing | FileMaker Network.... to turn sharing on. Then select your file (It must be open when you do this), and specify "All Users".

          FileMaker checks license keys and refuses to open a hosted file if host and client have the same license key. I don't know how or if this will work with the demo version due that anti-piracy feature if both host and client computers have the demo version installed.