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Issues with related records

Question asked by AndrewFoo on Apr 5, 2013
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Issues with related records


     I'm trying to create two databases that share related records between them.

     Database 1 - Will eventually end up on Filemaker Go but it has a desktop component for it (In the attached image, the script to the left is part of database 1). Tables of note: Student info page

     Database 2 - Contains employee information as well as work history (on two separate but related tables). Think of this as the back end. Tables of note: Employee Informaton and work history.

     Just for reference, the UMID mentioned in the scripts is suppsoed to be a unique ID number and will act as the primary key for each record.

     The problem I'm running into is that database 1 can export all of the correct information for the first test and it  properly stores it on database 2. However, when I do another test case (with a new UMID), the UMID does not transfer over correctly for the work history table, it actually uses the UMID of the first test case for the work history table as opposed to the new one.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated not only for this problem but also improving the scripts right now.