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Isuues exporting from MySQL ODBC data source.

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Sep 8, 2010


Isuues exporting from MySQL ODBC data source.


I am using FM11 Windows.  Files are hosted on FMAS 11 on a Windows  Vista box.

I  have an ODBC link out to a MySQL database (Simply Accounting) I am using the MySQL 5.1 ODBC driver.  The  link allows users to get financial information for jobs.  Most fo the  job information is stored in Filemaker.  When I run a script to collate  information and export a report to excel, most times the information  from the MySQL database does not appear.  The only consistent workaround  I have found is to manually run a report that includes data from the  MySQL database to the screen, then run the original export script. Fine  for me; tough on users.

If anyone can chime in on this issue, it would be appreciated.