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Italic Font On One Machine - Global Font Setting?

Question asked by atlascott on Jan 8, 2013
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Italic Font On One Machine - Global Font Setting?


     I have 4 Windows 7 machines on which I run my Solution.

     I host, the others connect remotely.  Works GREAT.

     Machine A hosts the Solution and B, C And D connect remotely.

     Machine D displays all fonts italicized.  All other machines display text properly.

     Machine D does not show Non-Filemaker fonts as italicized.  For example, Word or Excel, etc. are all normal Fonts.  System display Fonts are not italicized. Only fonts in FM arre italicized.

     I created a new db on Machine D and the new db also displays all fonts as italicized, so there has to be a Filemaker setting for this, yes?

     It is driving me BATTY!  Please help!