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Item Consumption Rate

Question asked by bigtone on Aug 27, 2009
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Item Consumption Rate


Once again I return to the oracles of this Forum.


I have a product table which maintains all product details etc and a stock table which records goods coming in and going out [obviously].


I'm trying to set up a fields which shows monthly consumption of particular products.


Ideally I could add a second field which could allow you to alter number of months you would like consumption data returned for.


For example the default is the last 3 months but you could alter that to 6 or 1. The calculation would only consider the stock that has left in the specified number of months prior divided my the said number of months to provide a monthly rate of consumption.


Would this have to be a scrip or can it be done via calculation?


I have managed get a field, through a calculation, to return a monthly consumption figure for all stock that has left over a time period but not been able to increase the complexity as I would like. The calculation is basically 'Stock out divided by number of months'


Thanks in advance for any assistance, hopefully I will be able to reciprocate some of this help as my skill level improves.