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Item Report Default Picture

Question asked by AnthonyOShaughnassey on Jan 19, 2011
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Item Report Default Picture



I have a catalog of items with 3 container fields for pictures, not all of the items have all three pictures. I would like to be able to set up a calculation, or script (I guess) so that when an item report is viewed and one of the pictures is missing a default image shows on the report layout (sort of a "image missing" or "image not available") instead of a blank space. I do not want it to actually populate the fields on the table with this image just show it on an item report. I am guessing something along the lines of: if container is empty, use image "x", but I have not idea what I am doing.

FMP Advanced 11.0 v2

User Level: novice, just got it last month.

Windows 7