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Item Tracking Over Time

Question asked by ShawnAckerman on Mar 28, 2013
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Item Tracking Over Time



     Hello World! ^.^

     I'm hoping someone can guide me a little here in the correct direction. I have a project I'm doing with FIlemaker Pro for work (both to help me learn more about Filemaker as I am still very much a noob at it, and to help make life a little easier at work.). I am trying to develop a Database that can Track Items like Tools, and Equipment over a period of Time by User. When a User Signs-Out the Items, any User should be able to Sign it back In. On top of that, as each User Signs-Out an Item, that Item needs to be Unavailable until it is Signed back In.


     Currently I have six (6) Tables that I believe are set up completely incorrect (I will Upload a screen shot of the Relationships Graph for a better view):


     and then as a secondary path



     I managed to be able to perform Sign-Outs and associate Users with Items and create a Timestamps, but I ran into a road block that I don't know how to solve because I don't know how to append a "Sign-In" Timestamp to the Items that were Signed-Out or track who Signed the Items back In.


     I know it's a lot, but I figured I'd go with a crazy project like this to really learn Filemaker. Any and all help/guidance would be very much appreciated. ^.^