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Items Showing Up Incorrectly in Preview View

Question asked by kwatch on Aug 5, 2010
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Items Showing Up Incorrectly in Preview View


I am using the Invoices Starter Solution and have created a new seperate layout with an image and empty portals that pull infortmation from "Line Items" and "Invoice Billing Customer" in the Invoices section so that I can print it off.

When I switch to preview mode, only the portal boxes from "Invoice Billing Customer" were showing up to print and nothing from "Line Items". I searched the help and the forums but the only thing I found was just to make sure that the "Hide When Printing" was deselected. Everything was fine there. So I just tried to make a new invoice, with new customer information and Line Item info. NOW... when I switch the image layout into preview mode the Line Item info STILL does not show up AND the old customer info is visable from Invoice Billing Customer and not the new customer info that I had just created that is visable when not in preview mode.

What step did I miss to make this mistake?