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      What are reasons that an IWP script will not go to a layout?

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          I have to wonder if you might have a damaged layout as you seem to have investigated the typical reasons. Here's a list, but I know from your other posts that you've tried most of them:

          Access permissions don't permit.

          Script has a step incompatible with IWP and thus fails to run.

          OnLayoutEnterScript trigger is tripped and a script kicks in that takes the user to yet another layout.

          Corrupted script

          Corrupted layout.

          I'd try a brand new script with just one step: go to layout and see if it works.

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            Good idea ill try the one step.

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              It will not go to the layout with one script step.

              How do i fix the layout or tell if its damaged?

              Is there a way to rebuild it?

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                In thinking about it, i can delete the layout and make a new one in a second.

                All of the table info is still there, it does not reside in the layout, it resides in the table correct?