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IWP "find" question

Question asked by hilary12345 on Jul 20, 2010
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IWP "find" question


Hi, this may be a silly question, but it is really worrying me. I'm new to filemaker and I'm building a database that will eventually be hosted with filemaker server advanced, for many users to to connect to the database via IWP.  I'm using filemaker pro 11 to build the database.

I have created a find layout, to find client names. A user enters their find into a field and then presses a find button that calls a script. This script does a find on a different layout, then iterates through the found records. Each iteration sets the Client ID and Client Name to two variables, then goes to a new table (only used for finds, call it "Found Names") and creates a new record and sets a field with the Client ID and sets another field, the Client Name. The script then returns to the original find layout. Here I have a drop-down list that is based on the records from my found table. Also note, every time a find is done, all the records from the found table are erased so the new found records will be the only records present in this table and drop-down list.

Everything works fine, but I'm worried that if more than one person is doing a find at the same time, the found results won't be accurate. For example, I search "Hilary", then my found names table have all occurrences of "Hilary". So I'm looking through my drop-down list, when someone else does a search, which then deletes all my found records and replaces with there search. Now my Hilary records are gone, and I'm looking at the wrong set of records. Please let me know if this is a foreseeable problem, and any ways to avoid it.